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Here you will find color and design options including stains, distressing, information on different wood types, cabinetry and trim styles and more. Make sure to click any photos you'd like to view to see the entirety of it.

We also suggest scrolling through any of our recently posted pictures to help with finish selection and to see examples of  design combinations recently chosen by our customers. The photo/post captions list the finishes used on each piece. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have or to set up a visit to see samples in person in our shop!

Stain Options

If you would like to match stain color to an existing piece for furniture, flooring, cabinetry, etc, we recommend scheduling an appointment to visit the shop to view and compare samples in person for the truest match. If you can't find the color you're looking for, let us know and we can discuss a custom stain just for you! For more color variation of a stained surface, we offer a unique staining technique that allows you to choose two or more colors to be applied to a surface. This is called our "Stroked" stain option. Pick colors close in tone for a subtle look, or pick more contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect. To help with finish selection, we suggest looking through recent posts of completed pieces and referencing their captions to see the colors used.

Paint Options

For painted portions, you are welcome to name your own color (Sherwin Williams colors are most popular and can be seen at Lowes, Sherwin Williams stores, or the Sherwin Williams app), or you can choose from our 4 most popular colors which are Valspar Perfect White as a bright white, Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Greek Villa as in-between whites, and Sherwin Williams Antique White as a creamy off white.


We offer a variety of distressing options for both painted and stained surfaces. The most popular styles for painted surfaces are our A type and B type options.


For A type distressed pieces, the color of the distressing is automatically matched to the stained part of the same piece of furniture unless you specify a different color that you would prefer the distressing to be. Example, a table with a #34 stained top, and bright white A distressed base would have the #34 stain be the color that shows through the distressin through the white.


For B type distressing, you pick the paint color you would like for the undertone, and a stain color for the overtone. This type is much easier to see by checking out pictures of completed pieces featuring this look or by seeing samples in person. The B type distressing can be very obvious or very subtle depending on the overtone color picked. 


For stained surfaces, the two most popular types of distressing are Impact distressing and Wear distressing. Impact gives the surface dents and dings, applied to achieve what we like to call an "Already Well Loved" look. If you prefer a worn look without indentions, then a Wear distressing, having edges of color worn away to show a gentle aging, may be the look you're wanting. For the most authentically aged look, these two types can both be applied to the same surface.  Any distressing of stained surfaces is done prior to sealing, so your furniture is still fully protected.

Some types of Distressing, primarily A type and B type are generally recommended to be spot clean only. For more scrubbing durability, ask us about adding clear coats. All orders go home with care instructions specific to your finish type.

Wood Types

Let's talk wood. What is the best option for you? Let us break it down! At Revolution Woodshop we offer three different types of wood that you get to choose from for your furniture top.


Our starting material for all tops is White Knotty Pine. This pine is full of the warm decorative knots many people love, with lots of long smooth grain. All our standard pricing includes a finished pine top.


Our next option is Poplar. Poplar is the first step into Hardwoods that we carry, and it's price is a little higher than the standard pine. Being a hardwood means that it has significantly more resistance to dents and impact damage than pine. Our Poplar is a clear wood, so it had little to no knots. Poplar typically has long, fairly consistent grain and the planks often blend together the most out of the three woods.


Our final option is Maple. Maple is the hardest wood we carry, it has the highest resistance to dents and impact damage, and is the biggest step up in price from pine. Maple, like our Poplar, is a clear wood so it is also mostly free of knots. Maple usually has the busiest grain pattern, with beautiful activity in the grain of each board, and often each board has a slightly different pattern than the one next to it.

The wood type for all furniture can be customized to your choice, not just for dining tables. Desks, coffee tables, buffets and more. Custom wood types are also available upon request and are priced on demand per order. No matter what you pick, whether you love pine or prefer something a little different, you can be sure you will get a beautiful result that will be with you and your family for generations!

Outdoor Finishes

All our Adirondack furniture, porch swings, and picnic tables are built from pressure treated yellow pine. The stain options for treated lumber are below. For an appearance similar to painted furniture, treated lumber can also be finished with a Solid stain for a reasonable upcharge. Ask us what colors are available for a solid finish.

Aesthetic Design Options

There are a variety of extra details besides the finish colors that you can choose from to give your furniture a specific look or to better match existing furnishings etc. These options most commonly involve profiling. In woodwork, profiling refers to shaping a wooden edge to a shape other than square. All edges of all our pieces are square by default. Edges that can be profiled are tops, seats, base trim, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors. There are a variety of options for each. Profiling adds $50 per shape per order.

Bill H.

"We first visited (...) to have a custom bench crafted to match a hand crafted dining table we bought is Asia 20 years ago. Not only were they quick to say, no problem, (...) the Stain color option selection was handled like we were restoring an Old Master. We are excited. We also received incredible inspiration shared by the (...) team as we have looked for a large butcher block island top. Never a rush, just patient idea and design sharing. We are sold."

Liz S.

"So in love with our farmhouse table and benches (...)! We were so thrilled at the quality, price, and delivery timelines. They worked with us every step of the way - answering a ton of questions, building to our specifications and customizing the table design. Quick, detailed responses were so helpful when doing this from another city. The finished product is BEAUTIFUL and exactly what we hoped for! Thank you! Definitely recommend (...)!"

Nancy A.

"We ordered a custom table, and we absolutely love it! Quality and beautiful work. You can not buy this well made furniture in the stores. Very friendly and joy to work with, we could not be more pleased! Thank you so much!"

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